Oahe Speedway Upcoming Events

Randy Nixon called today and he wanted me to express his gratitude to the EMT and Rescue staff at Oahe Speedway. He also wanted everyone to know that he is resting at home and goes back into the doctor on Monday. He said that he will let me know what happens next week.

A lot of people have been calling asking for his address. If you would like his address please send me a private message and I will get it to you.




May 24, 2015 Shootout Results (click here)

Box Shootout Winner: Jim Duchsherer Minot ND Runner Up: Ken Standiford Midland, SD

No Box Shootout Winner: Randy Compson Valley City, ND Runner Up: Toni Vetter Gettysburg, SD

Trophy Shootout Winner: Raymond Lindholm Rapid City, SD Runner Up: Karen England Pierre, SD

Junior Shootout Winner: Winner: Justin Ehlers Pierre, SD Runner Up: Cassandra Jurgens Watertwon, SD




Correction: Alex Lindholm Street Trophy Race is on Sunday May 24th. 

Memorial Day Weekend Events (click on title)

May 2, 2015 Shootout Race Results

Box Shootout

Winner: Ken Standiford Midland, SD

Runner Up: Steve Stickelmeyer Aberdeen, SD


No Box

Winner: Carly Ellingson Rapid City, SD

Runner Up: Rick Ryan Aberdeen, SD


Trophy Shootout

Winner: Karen England Pierre, SD

Runner Up: Mary O'Connor Fort Pierre, SD


Junior Shootout

Winner: Dragr Monson Groton, SD

Runner Up: Justin Ehlers Pierre, SD



Due to the ecessive wind speed we are cancelling races for safety reasons.

May 2, 2015 Races

Shootout Races starting at 1 p.m.  Racer's Entrance opening at 9 a.m. and Tech Inspection beginning at 9 a.m.  Spectators: $10 for Adults, $5 for kids 13-17 and 12 and under free

Box $75

No Box $65

Trophy Shootout $40

Junior Shootout $30

Test and Tune $30


Points and Pit Registration

Points registration is $30 this season and you can find the printable form under the Racer Information tab, if you want to join please print that out and mail it to me, or leave it at the track.    Pit registration is $10 and I have the stickers, you will need to fill out a form for that also for the paperwork I have to submit to NHRA.  That form can be found in the tower and pit registration is $10 per pit vehicle. Thanks!


Monday April 27, 2015

Milton is still looking for people to be on the racer's board.  If you are interested please give me a call by Thursday April 30th.  605-223-9885

Sunday April 26, 2015

We are going to try and run today.  We are shooting for 10:30. Today's racing is dependent on weather and track temp.  We will run test and tune only and offer a gamblers once people see how their cars are running.  We will not be running Shootout Races today. 

Chassis Inspection Test and Tune

Test and Tune will start at noon and go until approximately 3 p.m.  Test and Tune will be dependent on weather and interest.  Please call me if you have any questions.  605-223-9885

Saturday April 25, 2015 - Tim Toso  10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Please call me if you have not and let me know if you will be bringing a car for inspection this weekend.  As of right now it will be at Oahe Speedway.  If we have inclement weather it will be located next to Walmart at the new Morris Equipment location 1908 B. Garfield.  Please watch website for updates.




Here is the list for the mall show. Please look it over and let me know if I need to make any changes. She is going to open up Radio Shack for us to put cars in. I was thinking we could put the bikes into Radio Shack. We will start loading cars into the Pierre Mall any time after 4 p.m. on Friday. The mall will be open on Saturday at 9:30 to load people coming from out of town. Feel free to call me with any questions!!! Thank you!

Junior Cars 17

Hayley Depoy

Zach Zebroski

Huse Family (2)

Justin Ehlers

Horsley Family (3)

Hammersley  Family (2)

Dusty Schoenhard

Geuther Family (2)

Chelsey Mohr

Miller Family (3)


Bikes 9

Travis Mullner

Randy Nixon (2)

Schaun (2)

Ray (2)

Mike Braley

Dusty Kracht



Kimberlee Geuther


Cars/Trucks 15

Karen England

Brandon Campbell


Brandon Reiger

Dan Mohr (2)

Chuck Willey

Clif Jorgenson

OíConnors (2)

Ashley Holm

Jay Tjeerdsma (Eric Bringing)

Joe Wolf

Marlin Roseland

Dan Williams



Looking for old racing slicks for track prep.  Please call me if you have some.  605-223-9885. 

We will still be a VP fuel distributor.  We will carry the same brands we always have.  I cannot post prices on the website.  We cannot house paid for barrels anymore.  Please make arrangements to get your barrels out of fuel trailer.  I am running out of room for new inventory.



Clean up @ the Track TOMORROW!!

Clean up day at Oahe Speedway April 11, 2015 9 a.m. 
Please call or email if you will be able to come help out this day at all. 605-223-9885 or jessica.lammle@oahespeedway.com I would like to have a head count by Wednesday the 8th. Thanks!!


Meeting  Notes March 24, 2015 7 p.m.

March 24, 2015 Meeting about 2015 Oahe Speedway Season 
We are not closing Oahe Speedway. If you hear a rumor PLEASE take a positive approach and either set them straight or if you are unsure give us a call or have them give us a call. 
We are looking for a solid group of people that would want to be on a Racerís Board that would meet once a month. Please email or call Jessica if you think you can make this commitment. 
Oahe Speedway by the numbers
We would like to attempt to break even this season. We went over the track expenses and what it takes to run the track. There will be a budget this year and we have to stay within that budget.
Ways we are going to save money: 
- We are not hiring a maintenance person. 
- We are looking at vendors that have competitive pricing
Ways to promote the track
- Help distribute flyers 
- Different advertising
- Try and get into the schools to do program
- Payouts will be based on a % of tech cards brought in per class. There will be a minimum payout though and it will never go less than that. We will post the payouts and the minimum.

Oahe Speedway Track Clean-up day April 11, 2015 starting at 9 a.m.
Mall Show/Fan Fest April 18-19
Chassis Inspection April 25, 2015 @ Oahe Speedway



Upcoming Events-

April 11, 2015 CLEAN UP DAY @ OAHE SPEEDWAY   

April 18-19, 2015 Pierre Fan Fest Mall Show

April 25th Chassis Inspection @ Oahe Speedway

Please Call me or drop me an email if you can attend any of these events.  Will will be scraping the track, and doing general maintenance on the 11th of April.  I am looking for RACERS to bring their vehicles to the Mall Show and have 2 people that have RSVP'd so far,but need more!!! 

Chassis Inspection Tim Toso - We need to have at least 10 cars.  Please call or message me ASAP if you need to have a Chassis Inspection done.

March 10, 2015

Schedules have been sent out.  If you didn't receive some or would like a few more please send me an email with your name and address.  Thanks!



March 6, 2015

Oahe Speedway Office has moved.  The office is now located up in the old Knecht building on the truck route.  1908 N. Garfield.  The address for the Speedway will remain PO Box 471 Pierre, SD 57501 

March 5, 2015

Schedules are being sent out. I send you a few so that you can spread the word about Oahe Speedway.  PLEASE give them to friends or hang some up around your community.  If you need/want more PLEASE let me know and I will get some to you.  THANKS for all your HELP it really means a lot to me to have your support. 


Sponsorship Opportunities

Racers or Race Teams that have a business that they would like to promote.  Oahe Speedway is a great place to advertise.  If you would like to promote your business or team please give the office a call.  Oahe Speedway has different pacakge deals available to fit all budgets. 

Thanks, Jessica 605-223-9885


I will be running FUEL special by the barrel.  C11, C12, and C14 will be $50 off a barrel.  C11 is $750, C12 is $570, and C14 is $795.  Quantities are limited and I ask that you call me if you are interested in purchasing a barrel.  605-223-9885 or 605-222-0798. Thanks!


Contingency Connection packets

I received some more packets from the Contingency Connection.  If you are interested in them please give me a call or send me an email.                      

Jessica 605-222-0798 or jessica.lammle@oahespeedway.com


Holiday Special

Season Pass regular cost $290 Holiday Special of $175

This is a great time to purchase a season pass for your favorite pit crew or fan!

T-shirts - we don't have many left, but we do have quite a few points t-shirts.  Points T-shirts will be half price $10 through the Holidays.  If you are interested in purchasing some please give me a call or drop me an email and I can see if we have your sizes available!


Jessica 605-222-0798 or jessica.lammle@oahespeedway.com


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