Oahe Speedway Shootouts
September 1, 2018

Ashley Holm, Pierre, SD, topped a 57 car Box/No Box Shootout field to take her first win of the 2018 season over Ken Kimball, Rapid City, SD.  Holm took the win at the line as Kimball drew the red bulb by -.026.  

Alex Larson, Huron, SD, ran .01 over his dial to take the Bike/Sled Shootout win over Ken Lawrence, Rapid City, SD.  Despite a starting line advantage, Lawrence ran well over his dial in the loss to Larson.

Trophy Shootout winner, Jeremy Nygaard, Watertown, SD, took advantage of a red-light start by Brian Robertson of Pierre to win the class.

Evan Huse, Onida, SD, had the better reaction time to defeat Rylee Case, Rapid City, SD, in the Junior Shootout final. 


Pepsi Points Race #9
September 2, 2018

Cory Giessinger, Watertown, SD turned back Robert Halverson, North Platte, NE, in Super Pro Points Race #9 on a breakout by Halverson at the stripe.

Callie Iversen and Chuck Willey, both of Pierre, SD, met in the Pro ET Points Race #9 final with Iversen benefitting from a red light by Willey. 

Alex Larson, Huron, SD, coming off his Bike/Sled Shootout win on Saturday, took out a red-lighting Mike Braley, of Pierre, in the Bike/Sled Points Race # 9.

A breakout in Sportsman Points Race #9 by Jeri Vines, Eagle Butte, SD, gave the win to David Blatny, Carson, IA.

Chuck Mettler, Watertown, won over Blade Olson, Bath, SD, in Street Trophy Points Race #9 with a better package.  

Miranda Vines, Eagle Butte, SD, won HS Points Race #9 with a better reaction time/closer to dial run over Jonathan Geuther, Fort Pierre, SD.

Evan Huse, Onida, SD, and Zach Zebroski, Pierre, met in Major Points Race #9 final, with Huse grabbing the win on a red light by Zebroski. 

Jordin Jurgens, Watertown, won the final against Riley Case, Rapid, City, SD, in Minor Points Race #9

In the Bike/Sled Run for the Money, George Brown, Rapid City prevailed over Alex Larson, Huron, SD.


Oahe Speedway 2018 Summit Racing King of the Track
September 2, 2018

Oahe Speedway’s 2018 King of the Track run-off paired Super Pro, Pro ET, Bike/Sled, Sportsman, Street Trophy and High School winner’s in a single elimination bracket.

Sportsman David Blatny, Carson, IA, bested Street Trophy’s Chuck Mettler, Watertown, SD, in round one along with Miranda Vines, Eagle Bute, SD, High School, winning over Cory Giessinger, Watertown, in his Super Pro Entry, and Pro ET’s Callie Iversen, Pierre, SD taking the win over a breakout by Alex Larson, Huron, SD, the Bike/Sled representative.

Round two paired off Iversen and Vines, with Iversen’s ’62 Chevy II emerging the winner on a breakout by Vines in her ’85 Camaro.  Blatny and his ’79 Nova advanced to the final on a laddered bye.

The 2018 King of the Track finale paired off Blatny and Iversen in an all Chevy final with Blatny securing the win when Iversen broke out in an attempt to chase down her opponent. 


Pepsi Points Race #10
September 3, 2018

Dustin Buchmann, Beulah, ND, defeated David Rae, Gillette, WY, in Super Pro Points Race #10.  Buchmann put together a better package by .012 despite a perfect light by Buer.

Carly Jo Ellingson, Rapid City, SD, and Jay Tjeerdsma, Springfield, SD, met in a Ford vs Chevy Pro ET Points Race #10 final with Ellingson’s ’70 Mustang turning back Tjeerdsma’s red-lighting ’82 Camaro.

Jessi Horsley, Pierre, SD, took on Dusty Kracht, Pierre, in Bike/Sled Points Race #10 final with Horsley prevailing over 2017 Bike Champion Kracht.   

Mike Haraldson, Pierre, won Sportsman Points Race #10 utilizing a better reaction time and .001 over dial run to defeat Curt Humann, Pierre.

Street Trophy Points Race #10 winner, Noah Miller, Fort Pierre, SD, was victorious over a breaking out Ken Giessinger, Watertown, SD

Hayley Depoy, Lantry SD, won HS Points Race #10 over schoolmate and good friend, Miranda Vines, Eagle Butte, SD

Cutter Hammersley and Kylen Horsley, both of Pierre, met in the Major Points Race #10 final, with Hammersley running a better package for the win.

Case DePoy, Lantry, secured the win in Minor Points Race #10 when Josie Niskanen, Colorado Springs, CO, drew the red bulb at the hit.