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Racer Information

Two Interesting Articles on Cooling your Race Car

Please refer to the following articles penned by David Reher, Reher and Morrison, concerning the use of cooling fluids in your race cars.  You may, or may not know, what a mess anitfreeze creates on a rece track. The time and energy expended cleaning up an antifreeze spill is tremendous.

Entry Fees and Payouts


Mulligans will be added to Saturday Shootout Races only

For complete Mulligan info click here

Shootout Races

  • Box / No-Box – $65.00

Please Note:  Box and No Box will run as a combined class if there are less than 15 cars in each class.  In the event that there are at least 15 cars in each class, Box and No Box will run a separate race until the semifinals. At that point, the two classes will be combined.  In the combined class, there will be only one final winner and runner-up paid.

Cross Talk will NOT be Used for Shootout Races

  • Bike/Sled  $50.00
  • Trophy Shootout   $40
  • Junior Shootout (All Run)  $30
  • Test and Tune  $30.00

Points Races

2018 Points Registration Form click here

5 BONUS-points will be awarded for participation in Saturday Shootout Races.  In order to take advantage of this program, you must be registered for the Points Series prior to the start of racing on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

  • Super Pro  $75
  • Pro  $ 60
  • Bike/Sled  $50
  • Sportsman  $45
  • Street Trophy   $40
  • High School  $30
  • Major/Minor  $30
  • Test and Tune  $30


Shootout Races

  • Box/No Box
    Winner – $600.00
    Runner-up – 275.00
  • Bike/Sled
    Winner – $300.00
    Runner-up – $100.00

Trophy Shootout and Junior Shootout will receive trophies unless otherwise stated.

Point Races

  • Super Pro
    Winner – $500.00
    Runner-up – $250.00
  • Pro
    Winner – $400.00
    Runner-up – $200.00
  • Bike/Sled
    Winner – $300.00
    Runner-up – $100.00
  • Sportsman
    Winner – $200.00
    Runner-up – $100.00
  • Street Trophy
    Trophies to Winner and Runner-up
  • High School
    Winner – $50.00
    Runner-up – $25.00
  • Junior Major
    Winner – $50.00
    Runner-up $25.00
  • Junior Minor
    Winner – $50.00
    Runner-up – $25.00

VP Racing Fuel

We do have a very limited supply of VP fuel on hand.

Please call for information on fuel

Please call for price per gallon. We carry full drum (54 gallon) and offer per gallon fuel sales.

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