Memorial Day Weekend at Oahe Speedway


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Oahe Speedway, under new management by the Oahe Racers Association, opened the 2018 season with the first Shootout Races of the year.  In the kick-off Box/No Box Combo, first-time visitor, Gary Stinson, Douglas, WY, ran .008 over his 11.24 dial combined with a quick .021 on the tree to defeat David Rae, Gillette, WY in the final. Rae had the better reaction time at .009,  but ran further off his dial in the loss, 11.220 on an 11.12 dial.


The Bike/Sled final paired off two snowmobiles with Kimberlee Geuther, of Fort Pierre,SD, topping Bryon Henningson, Pierre,SD. Geuther, a former Jr Dragster champion at Oahe, ran 12.618 on a 12.37 dial and put together a .094 reaction time on her ’97 Arctic Cat  to defeat Henningson’s Skidoo Summitt with his slower .190 reaction time.  Mike Braley, Pierre, SD, pulled off the first Motor Race Images Triple Zero pass of the 2018 season in time trials. 
Running for the Trophy Shootout title, Joe Hagedorn, Phillip, SD, in his ’10 Camaro defeated Jon Dallman, Aberdeen, SD. Dallman, in his ’62 Chevy II, was a bit late at the hit and ran .036 under his dial in in chasing down Hagedorn.  
Junior Shootout entrants, Justin Ehlers, Pierre, SD, and Parker Odde, Aberdeen, SD paired off in the final with Odde and his ’13 Huddleston taking the win at the starting line when Ehlers, 2017 Junior Dragster Minor champion, drew the red bulb by -.029.  
Sunday, May 27, 2018

Oahe Speedway kicked off the 2018 Points Race with the first of 10 planned races this summer.  Mitchell, SD competitor’s Dan Mohr and Cary Shonley squared off in the first Dale’s Repair Super Pro final with Mohr, ’15 and ’16 Super Pro champ, besting his cross-town rival when Shonley took too much stripe at the finish line.  Shonley broke out by .013 in his ’03 Race Tech dragster in an attempt to chase down Mohr’s ’67 Camaro.  Shonley is a past Dale’s A-1 Super Series champ at the Speedway.  Gary Stinson, Douglas, WY qualified #1 with a great .003 reaction time.  
A large contingent of Pro ET competitors entered the first Watty’s Garage Pro ET field with Rapid City’s Carly Ellingson, ’11 Junior Major champion, outrunning Derek Johnson, of Cheyenne, WY in the final.  Johnson’s ’87 Camaro ran further off his dial in the loss to Ellingson’s ’70 Mustang. Ellingson ran 9.285 on a 9.25 dial over Johnson’s 11.130 on an 11.09 dial.  Callie Iversen, Pierre, SD was the #1 qualifier with a .002 reaction time.  
The SA Transportation Bike/Sled final saw Saturday’s Shootout winner, Kimberlee Geuther, Fort Pierre, SD, back in the winner’s circle, defeating Mike Braley, Pierre, SD, aboard his ’99 CBR in a double breakout final.  Geuther broke out by only .002 against Braley’s .008 under run.  
Cross-town rivals, David Blatny and Christine Manzer, made a 7-hour tow from Carson, IA to meet up in the Fearless Grain Marketing Sportsman final.  Blatny, ’17 Sportsman champ, settle the score with a 12.454 pass on a 12.37 dial in his ’79 Nova against Manzer’s ’82 S-10 and her 12.633 run on a 12.58 dial.  
The Alex Lindholm Street Trophy race was won by Ray Lindholm, Rapid City, SD, in his ’67 Rambler Rebel, over Dan Neugebauer, Pierre, SD, riding his ’16 BMW S100XR bike.  Neugebauer was a little too quick at the hit and tossed the race with a -.150 red light.  The race, sponsored by the Lindholm family, is in memory of Alex Lindholm, 2005 Street Trophy champion. 
SnapOn High School rivals, Blade Olson, Aberdeen, SD, and Jonathan Geuther, Fort Pierre, SD, matched up in the final with Olson besting Geuther’s ’16 F150 with a very quick .037 reaction time in his ’85 Plymouth.  Geuther, past Junior Major champion, was #1 qualifier in the class. 
The Odde Family Junior Major class found ’14 Jubnior Minor Champion Chelsey Mohr, Mitchell, SD in the winner’s circle, defeating Zach Zebroski, of Pierre, SD.  Mohr, number 1 qualifier, won the race at the line with a quicker .029 reaction time over Zebroski’s .190.  
The Junior Minor class final sponsored by Aberdeen Wings Hockey Club was won by Justin Ehlers, Pierre, SD over Josie Niskanen, Colorado Springs, CO.  Ehlers won the match-up at the starting line with a quick .020 reaction time. Case Depoy, Lantry, SD was the  #1 qualifier. 
Monday, May 28, 2018
Due to impending weather in the area, Monday’s Points Race #2 action was run on the 1/8th mile.  Dale’s Repair Super Pro  came down to Cary Shonley, Mitchell, SD and Todd Kost, New Salem, ND in the final.  Shonley’s ’03 Race Tech dragster took the win when Kost broke out by .009 in his ’23 T altered.  Joe Wolf, Pierre, SD was the #1 qualifier.
Past Pro ET champion, Jay Tjeerdsma, Springfield, SD in his ’82 Camaro took a single pass to win over ’13 Sportsman Champ Ashley Holm, Pierre, SD in the Watty’s Garage Pro ET final.  Holm was unable to stage her dragster due to mechanical issues.  Derek Johnson, Cheyenne, WY, took the # 1 qualifying spot with a Motor Race Images Triple Zero pass.  
Kimberlee Geuther, Fort Pierre, SD and Mike Braley, Pierre, SD squared off for the second day in a row in the SA Transportation Bike/Sled final.  Different day, same result, Geuther took the win over the #1 qualifier when Braley drew the red bulb by -.007.  Geuther finished the weekend with three consecutive finals and three winner’s checks.   
The Fearless Grain Marketing Sportsman Sportsman winner’s check went to Omaha, NE’s Gil Caughlin over Mary O’Connor of Fort Pierre, SD.  The all- GM pairing saw Caughlin get the better reaction time .027 over O’Connor’s slower .125 to take the trophy back to the Cornhusker state.  Christine Manzer, Carson, IA, snared the second Motor Race Images Triple Zero pass of the day in qualifying # 1 in class. 
Rapid City, SD racer, Royce Sturm ran his ’16 Chrysler 300C to a win over Reina O’Connor, Hot Springs, SD in the Street Trophy final.  O’Connor’s ’02 S-10 was only able to break the beams in the final after a frenzied pit thrash.  O’Connor was #1 qualifier. 
Haley Depoy, Lantry, SD, took the win in SnapOn High School action.  DePoy, running the family Chrysler, took the win over #1 qualifier, Jonathan Geuther, Fort Pierre, SD.
Past Junior Minor champ, Evan Huse, Onida, SD,  qualified #1 and took out Zach Zebroski, Pierre, SD, in the Odde Family Junior Major closer.  Zebroski saw the crimson bulb glow in his lane by -.022.  
Another repeat weekend winner, Justin Ehlers, Pierre, SD, ripped off a great .021 reaction time against Noah Horsley, Pierre, SD to take the last race of the day in the Aberdeen Wings Junior class. Case Depoy, Lantry, SD, took the top qualifying pass for the second day in a row.