Ran across this deal on Facebook a little while ago, I personally do not know these guys…but it is kind of a kool concept…and might just make Oahe Speedway a few bucks…I have ordered mine….Thanks, Marlin

AS A NOTE..Oahe Speedway is not ordering…
you will place your order to the
Paypal account listed : mcpix7x06@gmail.com

From Mike Costic and Brian McHattie of DB Motor Sports

“Calling ALL racers ‐ Drag, dirt, motocross, asphalt, road course, kart, and anything else I know I left out.

This is an ESPECIALLY trying time for all racetracks. In order to help keep the gates open for years to come, we as racers should help out as much as possible. In doing so Brian McHattie of DB Motorsports and I have come together to make these vinyl decals.

These are going to be 3″x7″ and cost $6 each or $10 for a pair shipped. All proceeds will go to the track of YOUR choosing. I will personally send every dollar to the tracks on a week by week basis as long as we keep getting orders.

Please keep in mind this is a 2 man operation, the decals haven’t been pre-printed, and we are both still working full time jobs. Your order will be processed as fast as we can.

PayPal preferred – mcpix7x06@gmail.com (friends and family please)
Other payment methods available on request.”