Rocky Mountain Superchargers will return to Oahe Speedway on June 20-21, 2020. 
This record setting group of supercharged Funny Cars, Dragsters and Door cars is always 
an exciting, tire smoking show.

In their 2019 visit to Oahe Speedway, track records were set in
Funny Car and Alcohol Dragster classes.

Scott Murray, Winnipeg, Manitoba, has held the Alcohol Dragster Oahe Speedway track speed 
record since June 28, 2015, topping 224.04 miles per hour. In his second appearance at Oahe
last July, Murray lowered the elapsed time record to 6.236 seconds in the quarter mile.

Doug Schneider, Milliken, CO, holds both ends of the Funny Car records, set on July 6, 2019.
Schneider covered Oahe Speedway’s quarter mile at 231.95 miles per hour with an
elapsed time of 6.154 seconds.