2021 Season Pit Site Rentals

If you wish to keep your old site, you must contact the Speedway office at 605 301-0459 or email to oahespeedway@gmail.com to confirm your site, as soon as possible.
If you have been renting a site, you will have first option on that site, but only if you contact the Speedway as soon as possible.
The Camping Fees will be as follows:
Pit Site Rental 2021 Season

Oahe Racers Association is currently taking reservations for pit sites for the 2021 season.  If you reserved a site in 2020, you will  have first choice on that site. 
Please call 605 – 301 – 0459, private message, or email at oahespeedway@gmail.com as soon as possible. 
If the Speedway does not hear from you by March 30, 2021 your site will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Rates as follows:
  1. Row A – $600.00 – 50 amp/sewer/water
  2. Row B – Sites 1-9 & 12 – $240.00 – 120V only/30 Amp – Site electrical capacity in Row B will only support battery chargers and/or fans.NO Campers or Motor Homes requiring power for air conditioners.
  3. Row B – Sites 13-28 – $100.00 – No power
  4. Row E – $400.00 – 50 amp/No sewer/No water – $25.00.night – Subject to availability
  5. Non – Electric Sites – $10.00/night – located throughout pit area
  6. 120V/30 Amp  only sites – $15.00/night – Row B – Subject to availability
  7. 50 amp/sewer/water sites – $35.00/night – Row A  – Subject to availability
Oahe Speedway has on-site modern restroom facilities with showers for your convenience.  We ask that you do not have open fires unless you have a fire pit, and only if there are no burning restrictions at the time of your stay.