Scott Murray, Winnipeg, MB, CN
   1/4 Mile Alcohol Dragster Record
 6.236 Elapsed Time
Doug Schneider, Milliken, CO
1/4 Mile Alcohol Funny Car Records
231.95 MPH ~ 6.159 Elapsed Time

The Rocky Mountain Superchargers stopped by Oahe Speedway on July 6, 2019, for some track record shattering performances.  The group brought one front engine dragster, two rear engine dragsters, an altered, and two funny cars to challenge the Dam Fast Track. In all, six of 18 passes by the group went well over 200 miles per hour in the quarter mile.

Scott Murray, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, lowered the Alcohol Drgaster ET record he had set in his last visit in June 2015.  Murray pushed his rear engine dragster an elapsed time of 6.236 seconds.  Murray retains the mile per hour record set in June 2015 at 224.04 mph. 

Having never visited Oahe Speedway, Doug Schneider, Milliken, CO, ran his 2007 Monte Carlo-bodied funny car through the Speedway’s quarter mile at 231.95 miles per hour and tripped the clocks at  6.159 seconds.