Oahe Speedway Tops the Chart in D-5!
Be a Winer, Be a Member

After years of finishing behind Rock Falls Raceway (WI), Oahe Speedway finally tops the (near) season end contest. 
 Oahe finished out our schedule on September 6, 2020 with 38 entries in the competition.  
A racer must be a National Hot Rod Association member and possess an NHRA Competition
number to qualify for the list after posting a win at the Speedway.

The finish at the top, due in large part, to the restrictive COVID-19 Shutdown all over the USA, can be
attributed to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and her stance in allowing South Dakota
to remain open during the pandemic.  Oahe Speedway placed COVID-19 safety and awareness practices as a top priority in
moving forward for a complete season at the Dam Fast Track.  At a time when many of our sister tracks were shuttered,
the Oahe Racers Association Board made the responsible  decision to provide a safe place for our racers.

The following Oahe racers names were drawn during the summer long Be a Winner, Be a Winner program:

Randy Compson,
Ken Lawrence
Joe Harry
Kylen Horsley
David Tibert
Glenn Gordon
(More Oahe participants may have won in the May-July period)

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