October 27, 2021
The word has spread and the time has come. Oahe Speedway will now be memories for future generations to reminisce.
The land that was developed and molded into Oahe Speedway 17 years ago has been sold. The drag strip will no longer be.
Let’s cherish the memories of racing at The Dam Fast Track and show respect to a one of a kind facility in central South Dakota.
Oahe Speedway was created as a safe place to race for all to enjoy while creating lasting friendships.
Let’s appreciate the years had creating special memories and cut out the negative talk as it does a disservice to Oahe Speedway.
It took many people giving their time, effort, and resources to make this track operational.
We are sincerely grateful for all those who contributed to make Oahe Speedway the best Dam track.
And, it took one person to lead the charge in creating this one of a kind facility.
Many thanks to Milton Morris for his dedication and devotion to this drag strip so that everyone could enjoy it.
We are forever grateful for his commitment.
May your memories of Oahe Speedway remain alive in photos, videos, and stories to share for many years to come.
Nancy Ronning, on behalf of the Morris family