Please take the time to review the following:

– First, and foremost, if you are ill, feel ill, or have been exposed to Covid-19, we respectfully ask that you stay at home.

– All COVID -19 Directives will be practiced to the best of our ability and will ask that all attendees observe safe practices as well.  All pit crews will be limited to 10 or less, and we request that all pit crews respect social distancing and attempt to avoid congregating.  We must limit the number of crew members in tech, staging, and starting line areas. 

-We will not admit spectators for this opening weekend.  That policy will be reviewed on a weekly basis for the balance of the race season at Oahe Speedway.

– We will begin parking on Friday, May 22, at noon. Late arrivals on Friday evening are acceptable.
Please call 605 301 0459 for available reserved parking.

– Tech will be available on Friday evening and will reopen at 8am on Saturday morning.  Please have all your credentials, equipment and vehicle available for inspection.  Oahe Speedway will not perform our regular ATI inspections for this race weekend.  We will resume ATI’s for the following race.

– We will run a 60 minute Big Car-Slicks Only test session beginning at 9am of Saturday morning.
Please be ready to go at 9am.
In anticipation of a big car count, it is our intent to then go right into time trials for the day at 10am.

Eliminations will begin after time trials.

Oahe Speedway
605 301 0459