Marla Huse

Family, Home, Job:
Kids – Jonathan (20) Pro class, Kara (18) entrance gate, Evan (15) Jr. Major class.  Husband of 
22 years – Van (57) crew chief.  We farm and live outside Onida, SD.

How long our family has been racing at Oahe Speedway:  We have been racing 12 years at Oahe 

My office or area of specialty on board: President of Oahe Racers Association.  Also 
coordinate pit spots, sponsors, and Jr. Jam as well as RFC Chaplain.  

Where I grew up:  On a farm near Lake Norden, SD. I graduated from Hamlin High school and 
University of Minnesota.

Interests or hobbies outside of racing: I have been a Master Gardener since 2006, Deacon 
at my home church, and I golf although rather poorly.  I am also
a certified tutor in the Barton
Reading System for people with dyslexia,
and I also enjoy company with my
2 terriers, 2
parrots, 2 cats and 13 chickens.  

Favorite food or meal:  I love almost all food but dark chocolate is my staple.
I also enjoy a
glass of wine or my specialty, Mojitos
(which I grow my own mint for),
but won’t pass up a cold Corona with lime!  

Something on my bucket list:  Haven’t had time to even think about this!  

Something I would never do:  Get a tattoo!   

Something noteworthy about myself:  I love our racetrack.  Even though the work that goes into it can be 
overwhelming, I find it so worthwhile.  I was reminded of this at the mall car show this past weekend.
Watching fellow car enthusiasts get together, drink beverages at Gators,
then help one another load cars and all with big smiles on their faces.
It’s what I see at every single race at Oahe Speedway!

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