Rich and Robin Whipple need our prayers as Rich battles brain cancer.  

In Robin’s words:

“What a difference 3 months makes. Feb. 2023, Rich’s scans showed no tumors, did not post out of respect for a dear friend who was struggling with his own cancer. Fast forward to Tues., May 23rd. Richards cancer is back. We knew with this type of cancer, it was a matter of when, not if. My heart is hurting, my hope has diminished. He has 2 tumors in the brain, tumor in right lung and tumor on his 8th rib. Two days of Cancer Institute, his last resort is whole head radiation, which he was measured for today, 5 days weekly for 3 weeks. They took him off the immunotherapy and he will start 2 chemo pills. The radiation will affect more fatigue, is there any more hours of the day for that, ha, his memory, which has already been affected, that may not come back and hair loss, guess we will have to join Josh McLaughlin in that area. The 2 tumors in the brain, 1 on the left side now, opposite of the one they took out and one right in the center, they will not touch, too close to important areas in the brain. All your prayers were so dear to us last time and have continued. Please think of us in your next prayer. God is good.”