Robert Hubbard, co-inventor of the Head and Neck Restraint System(HANS device),
passed away earlier this year, following a battle with Parkinson’s disease.

He was 75.

Hubbard began development of the life saving device in 1981 along with road racing legend Jim Downing.
The HANS device prevents fatal neck injuries in head-on crashes.
The device became widely accepted in the early ’90’s.

The 2019 NHRA Rule Book states:

“A head and neck restraint device/system meeting SFI 38.1 is mandatory for any vehicle
running 200 mph or faster or running 7.49 (*4.49 -1/8th) or quicker or by Class Requirements.”

While this device is used by a limited number of our class racers at Oahe Speedway, and would not be required by a vast majority of our racers, this safety device is acceptable for use for all classes.

Should you have any questions about HANS systems, please feel free to visit with Jason and Justin Ehlers and Carly Jo Ellingson and Ellingson Racing.

Read a tribute to Robert Hubbard – Road and Track – May 2019

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