June 30, 2021
To Prospective Investors,
There comes a time in your life when reality sets in. My age has caught up to me. I realize I’ve had the fortunate ability to build something that has been enjoyed by many racers, young and old; however, it needs to head in a new and challenging direction.

My construction background has given me the knowledge to construct a unique and solid track that has offered years of quality racing. Though it is not my desire to sell the track for other purposes, there are offers to purchase the property for camping purposes. For the track to continue as a first class race track, I feel the best direction is to involve quality individual racers who have the desire to be involved to see the track to the next level of excellence. I still have the desire to be involved in a position to assist going forward, whether that be a partial investor or being involved in day-to-day operations.
The track at this tie is in need of milling and resurfacing. I have consulted with an asphalt specialist and have determined the very best option for resurfacing. The overlay would be a full overlay from wall to wall. The quality of the overlay would be of high quality materials, resulting in years of use. Morris Inc. is in the asphalt and material business with the right equipment to perform this work and it would be performed at no cost to future owners.
I have also acquired large galvanized light poles for lighting the track if there is the desire to do in the future. Again, the majority of the work could be performed by Morris Inc. with substantial savings. 
As with any facility of this size, the maintenance and upkeep is ongoing. The equipment needed to perform this work will be made available to do so. Shop and maintenance bays are available. The grounds have both rural and well water available. There is also adequate electric power available onsite for future expansion.
The location of the track next to the Oahe Dam has become a destination for small and large campers. Located a short distance from the track are over 300 camping spots that are fully occupied with a waiting list. It is for this reason the track has been viewed as an ideal location for quality camping with the infrastructure already in place.
As mentioned earlier, it is not my desire to see the track become a campground. I also feel the additional property adjacent to the track offers the best of both worlds. The camping would offer the opportunity to generate additional income for the track.
Local racers along with individuals who have been involved in the operation of the track have expressed a strong desire to continue their involvement in the future of the track.
The desire is to have a limited number of quality investors who are familiar with what it takes to work together to make decisions. Those who have recently shown their interest and any future investors in the very near future would be given a pro forma for the future operation of the track. 
I sincerely thank you for your consideration in the future of Oahe Speedway, the Dam Fast Track.
Milton Morris
Founder and Track Owner
Oahe Speedway