Oahe Speedway Shootouts
August 4, 2018

Todd Kost, New Salem, ND, ran .004 over his 9.01 dial in his ‘23 T to defeat Beulah, North Dakotan, Lucky Buchmann.  Buchmann’s ’67 Camaro, was late at the tree, .090 to Kost’s .027. Buchmann ran only .005 over dial in chasing down Kost in the Box/No Box Shootout.
Mike Braley, Pierre, SD, took the win over Alex Larson, Huron, SD, in the Bike/Sled Shootout in a double break-out final.  Larson, on his Yamaha SX Viper sled ran further under his dial to hand the win over to Braley’s ’99 CBR.   
The Trophy Shootout came down to Eric Serbousek, Pierre, SD and Maru O’Connor, Fort Pierre, SD with Serbousek’s ’77 Camaro denying O’Connor her third win in a row.  Serbousek utilized a better reactions time to trailer O’Connor’s ’96 Firebird.
Justin Ehlers, Pierre, SD secured the win over Zach Zebroski, Pierre, SD, in the Junior Shootout when Zebroski put the boot to the throttle a little too soon, lighting the red bulb by -.002.   

Pepsi Points Race #7
August 5, 2018

Joe Wolf, Pierre, SD, ran further off his dial in Super Pro Points Race #7 against Cary Shonley, Mitchell, SD.  Shonley’s .010 advantage at the starting line paired with a .002 over dial run assured his win.   
Pro ET Points Race #7 went to first time visitor, J.R. Ward, Watertown SD, over Rodney Larson, Pierre, SD. 
Keeping it all in the family and the same city, Rodney Hopf and Alex Larson of Huron, SD, ran in Bike/Sled Point Race #7, with step-dad Hopf taking the win on his ’91 Yamaha.  
Mary O’Connor, Fort Pierre, SD, in her fourth final in four races, lost to Dustin Hendrickson, Aberdeen, SD, in Oahe Speedway Street Trophy Points Race #7 action.
Charles Serbousek, Pierre, SD met Duane Soper, Gettysburg, SD, in Street Trophy Points Race #7, with Serbousek tripping the win light.
Jonathan Geuther, Fort Pierre, SD, won HS Points Race #7 over Jake Miller, Fort Pierre, SD.  Geuther’s win secured first place in the 2018 points race.
Evan Huse, Onida, SD, and Cutter Hammersley, Pierre, SD, ran in Junior Major Points Race #7 final, with Huse running closer to dial and a better reaction time for the win.
Justin Ehlers, Pierre, SD ran unopposed in Junior Minor Points Race #7 for his second win of the weekend.